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Ride into the realm of distinctive interior design with a western edge.

Design Packages

I offer flexible packages for clients to create a custom experience.

The Greenhorn

| Based on email questionaire
| One Room
| 3 Mood Boards designed
| Product Links for Chosen Mood Board


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The Cowhand

| One Room

| Initial Phone Consultation

| 3 Mood Boards designed

| Room Visual to Scale

| Revision Consultation

| Product Links for Room Selection with Paint color samples if applicable


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The Trail Boss

| Up to 3 Rooms

| Initial Phone Consultation

| 3 Mood Boards designed

| Room(s) Visual to Scale

| Final design selection and security deposit towards project total collected.

| Continued design support through the end of the project (Virtually or On-site)

$550-base price

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Purchase Pre- made Mood Boards

Get great ideas for your rooms designed by Stephanie with links to products for easy designing.

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Rebel Roan, 
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wanted a beautiful victorian bedroom, I know that's not Stephanie's style, but she and her crew ddelivered, all in one weekend, it's GORGEOUS!!
Thanks for fulfilling my dream!!

Sharon John
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Stephanie is a GIFTED designer. I hired her to come up with a way to revamp my camper. I got a final vision mockup, links to all of the items, and a talk through. I told her what I was looking for, what I needed, and what I didnt, and she created a space that was absolutely everything I needed in terms of style and functionality. Not only are her design skills top notch, she communicates well, and is an absolute delight to work with. I would absolutely recommend!

Stephanie's Portfolio

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